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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Anything you need to know, just ask!
What is the difference between OE (Original Equipment) and SABS approved?
Original Equipment (OE) refers to motor glass products which have been manufactured according to specific requirements from the Original Equipment manufacturer, e.g., Ford.

Whereas the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) is a provider of quality standards, management systems and business improvement processes. They conduct regular and stringent product testing to ensure that only products which are fully compliant can bear their SABS mark.
Can Glasfit repair my cracked windscreen?
The quick answer is that yes, we can, but repairs are determined by the extent of the damage to the windscreen. For everything you need to know about windscreen repairs, download our Windscreen Repair manual.

For a quick overview, the following factors make repairing your windscreen unsafe:

  • Position,
  • Extent of the damage,
  • And the length of time that the damage has been there.
What key issues should be considered when thinking about glass installations in my home or office?
You will need to take into consideration the following:

  • Heat loss
  • Heat gain
  • UV rays
  • Frames
  • Security
  • And fortification against breakage.

And these important elements should be considered when fitting glass:

  • Type of glass that best suits your needs
  • The style of the window
  • Whether your exterior glass should be single-pane or double-pane
  • Whether the frames should be wood, vinyl, aluminium or fibreglass
  • How important energy efficiency is to you?